Members stories and Kayleigh's Fitness Run Club Experience... 

" I have only recently joined Kayleigh's Fitness Run Club  and I was struck by how friendly and supportive the other runners are towards new members. I had been doing some road running on my own and got to about 10/12K. now I want to get better at running longer distances, up hills and off road running. I can already see that joining this group will help me get to the next level. looking forward to doing my first 'epic' up in the lakes this sat." 

Tracey 'DEC 2017

Member Update: Tracey is now training for the Lakeland 50 miler

event in 2019

"I have always loved running but I often found it hard to motivate myself and found it boring on my own. My friend told me about the run club and how great it was! Everyone was so friendly and their were members of all ages and abilities. Then I got hooked! 

 🙈😂I went on a few epics which I just loved and completed challenges and distances I didn’t know I could but the yellow army and KFRC believed i could and I did I signed up for the Lakeland 50 ! Then I got the wonderful news we were expecting our second child! Throughout my pregnancy I had ongoing suppprt from KFRC and I continued running until I could. 4months after giving birth Kayleigh gave me the support and guidance to get back running and fitness and to build myself back up which I’m doing! I have signed up for 3 events next year and I couldn’t achieve this without KFRC. I have gone from being super fit to square one, but I know I will get there with Kayleigh and the team back to where I was! It also gives me a release from my busy work/ Mum life to do something I love ! KFRC makes anything possible so matter how big or small your goals are and it also has a great social side! KFRC has been great for me physically and mentally and makes you believe anything is achievable! Xx💛💛 "


Member Update: Kate has taken part in many more tough and challenging Epic adventures and is signing up for local fell races. Kate also completed The Hebden 22 mile race and her next long distance event is in February.  

"I can honestly say that I love this running club and not just for the running (of course) but for the friendship and camaraderie that being part of Kayleigh's Fitness Run Club brings. This club is all about encouraging people to reach their own goals, whatever they may be, and supporting each other. I cannot recommend this club highly enough."


Leonie wrote this great poem just before she ran the Lakeland 50 miler... and is now a Lakeland 50 Finisher! 

"Starting as a group of people, a family we have become, one for all and all for one

The Lakeland 50, a few Yellow Army had previously run, they truly inspired us and made it look fun 

Sept came and we all went mad for our place, refreshing our screens to get into the race

Little did we know, what was to come, tears and tantrums and even a chafed bum!!

We have run through sun, snow, wind and rain and kept on going regardless of pain

One thing we know for sure is we will pass this test, we are the Yellow Army and we always give it our best

The support we are given keeps us from stopping, even if we feel like to our knees we should be dropping

Onwards we go, you had better believe, the Yellow Army together, there is nothing we can’t achieve’

“Well, where do I start!... Get ready as I'm going to try and condense years worth of memories! 

I started running with Kayleigh's Fitness nearly two years ago. I lacked motivation and despite people telling me I didn't need to lose weight, I had snook up two dress sizes and felt sluggish. I'd had a lot of bad experiences with jobs and was in a low place mentally. 
It got to the point where I didn't even know where to start. I was invited to join the group in training for the Parbold hill race initially and with the friendly, supportive atmosphere, I soon got hooked on all things fell running 😂

There was the mention of interest for the lakeland 50, what? 50 miles... Running?I've barely done 10! but when September came around, I found myself refreshing the computer screen anxiously awaiting a place.
I got in!! Kayleigh and her dad created a strict training and nutritional plan and regular meetings, before I knew it my diary for 2018 was full! and I was about to embark on one of the toughest, but most rewarding years so far... 

We completed various races to allow us to become familiar with kit checks, weather conditions and nerves! We completed epic days in the lakes and strengthening courses and Sunday run club. Each month increasing in strength and distance.
I was frustrated around the May of this year as I developed an achilles injury. With the correct physio, massage and treatment plan it only set me back a few weeks. Throughout this time I not only received an abundance of support and advice, but reassurance that I was on track with my training and not to panic. 

I then decided just to add to the pressure, I would book my wedding for 10 days after the lakeland 50... as you do🙈
as you can imagine, planning for both events was difficult and stressful at times. 
Throughout it all, I had undivided support and encouragement from Kayleigh, MM, DD and the yellow army . The run club even threw me a surprise Sunday run club hen doo! 
I have struggled with my own chronic fatigue, friends and family becoming very ill and a very emotional time, it was so difficult to keep on track. But Kayleigh, her mum and dad kept in touch regularly and knew just what I needed, even when I didn't myself sometimes. 

This run club understands we are all real people with real problems, and life isn't always easy. I honestly could not have achieved even half of what I have without their support. 
I was so proud to stand on the lakeland 50 start line with 19 fellow yellow army members😘and through blood sweat and tears we completed our biggest challenge so far! 

Ten days later, I undertook another life changing event, getting married! 
I will never forget the moment I stepped outside the hall doors on my wedding day to find the yellow army waiting for me💛even though they made me cry! 😂
They also grouped together and bought me and the new hubby some beautiful and very personalised gifts💛

I always say if Carlsberg did run clubs... but this is more than a run club and friendships, it's family and I love you all 😘💛 ❤️
I look forward to seeing what adventures the new year will bring😀 “xx


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